How the Journey Started

It was back in 2012 after doing my Diploma at the Catholic University of Eastern African I joined USAID on an internship program. The program entailed WASH, Nutrition and health project which was being run in Nairobi UASIA having set several centers within the city. I was assigned the data support position. My work involved working closely with the monitoring and evaluation team. At first it was a bit hard but after a few weeks I started learning what research, monitoring and evaluation entails. I would be assigned the work of data collection. I would visit the beneficiaries at their homes in the slum areas of the city. I would carry out interviews with them get back to main office do data entry in preparation for data analysis and processing. My leader started teaching me the basics of report writing and data analysis using SPSS and EPI INFO. By the end of the internship I had learnt a lot and realized how the people in the slums were suffering I believed that I will one day shed lights to the suffering of young children in the slums. I later got my first job as a research assistant with Afriquest Research Center. That was my first best work. We had to travel across the country and some parts of Uganda doing data collection. That is when the Idea of research came to my mind. After the work I approached a data analyst who was my friend and started teaching me the basics if research like data analysis, report writing and survey development. After that I got another job with Millward Browns as a research and data assistant. The company was a market research company and they were impressed by my work and they put me in the questionnaire coding section. I was happy with my development. Unfortunately it was time to go back to school for my degree and I quite the job but I had learnt a lot. I was doing the part time classes and I need to get a new job. Luckily I was shortlisted for a research associate job at TNS RMS. I was later selected for the position. That is when reality of research came to my mind. I had never held such a big position. It was having a lot of pressure from the research managers. I was in charge of a certain team of data collections. t

My duty was to train them, come up with a survey questionnaire and. I would go to the field with my team across the country in harsh regions of Kenya like Samburu, West Pokot among other places. After a few month the contract came to an end. It was not time to focus on my education which was half midway. During one evening when I was in the computer lab I saw an advert for the researcher position with Busara center. I immediately applied and I was called after an interview. I was a researcher reporting to the research coordinator. The duties of the position were tough as some involved doing duties which I was not good in. These include data analysis, monitoring and evaluation duties, report writing, survey development among others. I quickly approached the research coordinator who used to train me in the same. I decided to do part time classes for data analysis and monitoring and evaluation. This was the hardest part of my life, my career and my job. I was to balance between the two different classes I was doing and my job. I would leave job attend my degree classes and in the weekends I would go for data analysis and monitoring and certification classes which USAID had organized for me thought my employer at that time. Everything went on well. I finished my data analysis classes and my monitoring and evaluation certification.

How I landed on my first consulting work

It was back in 2016. Since I needed more time to concentrate on my degree studies and do more data analysis courses I decided to quit my job as a researcher. The main reason for quitting was due to lack of time to study. Since the organization was expanding its operations in other countries sometimes we would be sent to Uganda and Ethiopia. I would spend more time there making me to lack behind with my studies. I decided to contrectrate on the studies. After a few months of quitting job I applied for my first consulting job as a research consultant with a certain NGO as described in my CV. I was called for the interview and I was amazed being called to take on the job. The job involved carrying out a youth and employability skills survey in Western part of Kenya. I took on the job hired two of my classmates as enumerators which the organization approved. We did the work within 21 days and it was over. The organization was impressed with my work during the presentation workshop. From there I was motivated and since then I have been getting more and more research, monitoring and evaluation consulting jobs. My objective is to widen my skills and deliver the best to my clients.

Team members

Benard Imbeywa

Benard is a proud guy who hails from Kenya. All his life he has studies in Kenya since he was a kid. Benard is an individual consultant but sometimes he hires supervisors, enumerators, drivers, observers among others when consulting jobs arises. He has worked with the best experienced team.

He is a seasoned Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) expert. As the brainchild behind the business, he has been involved in consultancies funded and implemented by international organisations such as the United Nations and the European Commission. Her sectorial interests are Gender Equality, Poverty Reduction, Migration, Social Protection, Child Protection, Human Rights and Justice Reform.

However, he is particularly passionate about issues related to social inclusion and inequality. She abhors injustice in every form and believes that all of us no matter how strong we are in one area of our life, still experience vulnerability in another area of life. As such, in our area of strength, it is our duty to protect others.

Apart from her professional activities, he likes travelling and swimming.